Thursday, March 27, 2008

Two More Crane Failure Fatalities

During the past three days, there have been two more construction crane incidents that resulted in fatalities.

The first was a Tower Crane on a multi-story condo project in the Miami,FL area. According to news reports, while attempting to raise the tower to insert the tower section into the self-jacking tower, somehow, the new section dropped down and struck and killed one worker and injured several more.

The other was in Michigan where a crane fell, also killing at least one worker. I don't have details on this incident.

Whether having details on all these crane incidents or not, it is VERY evident that proper safety procedures have not been followed. Cranes have many, many fail safe safety procedures that, if followed, these incidents will not occur. This is just plain Horse Sense not being applied.

Of course, I suppose, there COULD be miniscule POSSIBILIIES that metal fatigue, or other far out chances that would cause a similar incident.

I urge all management, supervisors, and workers performing crane assembly, crane break-down work, rigging lifts, etc. to Use Horse Sense to follow all safety procedures to the letter.

I like to use the phrase, "Put Your Mind Into Gear, Before Putting Yourself Into Action!" So, Please, get it in gear!

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