Saturday, July 5, 2008

Iowa is Getting Tough on Construction Zone Speeders

The article below by Allissa Hopkins at KTIV Channel in Sioux City shows the concern of Iowa's Government in clamping down on speed through construction zones on their highways. They are to be commended for addressing this situation. However, in fairness, not only to the work zone workers and the drivers traveling through these areas, one item of Horse Sense that is not addressed in many states is the fact that long after all work has been completed, or all except a very short areas where work is being done, This gives confused drivers irritation traveling long several miles in completed areas. Perhaps a bigger Horse Sense adjustment should change the length of the work zone to the one or two short areas where work is being completed. I have seen it very frequently that all work has been done and the signs would remain up for months. Let's get this Donkey off the roads.

Allissa Hopkins
Fines Higher For Speeding In IA Construction Zones

Posted: July 2, 2008 06:57 PM CDT

It used to be that if you got caught speeding in a construction zones, fines were doubled. As of July 1st, that has all changed in Iowa.

And now, you can end up paying a lot more for a lead-foot in those construction areas.

It's summer and you know what that means, construction, and lots of it!

However now, new legislation has been past to improve the safety in these work zones.

"What we have seen in the past, or seen in the recent past, is an increase in the accidents that occur in work zones, and of those accidents... the majority of the injured parties are not the workers, but it's the motorists," said Dakin Schultz, Iowa Department of Transportation.

However, some of those accidents have ended in death.

"We have about an average of 5 fatals a year, "stated Schultz.

Now, if you're caught speeding through those work zones you are going to have big consequences.

"One hundred and fifty dollars for anything up to 10mph. Three hundred dollars for 11 to 20mph over, posted speed, and five hundred dollars for speeds from 20 to 25," mentioned Schultz.

Those going 25mph over in construction zones, they will pay up to thousand dollars.

Making these changes in Iowa law, Dakin says, is beneficial to all on the road.

"Trying to improve the safety of the workers in construction zones as well as the motorists that travel through the construction zone "stated Schultz.

Other violations, besides speeding, will continue to be fined double in construction zones.

The Iowa DOT has made new signs will be replacing the old signs that said, "Fines Double in Construction Zones, Road Workers Give 'Em A Brake".

There will be about 243 signs installed, 84 on interstates and 159 on primary, two-lane highways.

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