Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Two Incidents, Same Site!

Two Incidents - Same Site - Who Cares?
In the two posts below, one by Rad Berky and the other by Ann Sheridan of WCNC channel 36, each one relates to a VERY DANGEROUS site safety incidents that happened at one site, yet the Safety Director does not indicate that OSHA has been notified! I know that Safety Directors don't want to have an incident that REQUIRES OSHA's participation, but in many cases OSHA can and will assist contractors in preventive safety procedures.

The two articles below, while very similar, indicate that there has not been adequate training of riggers, and or, crane operators and lift supervisors to assure that proper supervision by a Competent Person and proper rigging procedures have been followed.

Also, it seems that the Public is not adequately protected while lift operations that can allow materials to fall onto public streets. This is a VERY SERIOUS situation and should have been taken into consideration prior to any lifts and/or the possibility of materials falling from the structure onto the streets below. This should have been in a JOB SAFETY ANALYSIS PLAN before any lifts were made.

Construction beam falls, hits school bus

07:52 PM EST on Monday, November 10, 2008
By RAD BERKY / NewsChannel 36
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One beam bounced into the side of a school bus. The l bus was empty except for the driver, who was shaken up but not seriously hurt.

No one was injured as the beams fell 51 floors, breaking some of the newly installed windows in the Wachovia tower being built at the corner of South Tryon Street and Stonewall Street.

"I'm just thinking, 'Oh God, it's coming right at me," said Rick Dufrane who had just made a delivery in the area when the accident happened. "They started spinning around and bouncing and I jumped and when I did that I twisted my hip."

The 51-story building is being constructed by the Batson-Cook Co. of Atlanta. Project Manager Curt Rigney said the accident is under investigation.

"We will evaluate and see what was or wasn't followed and make any changes as need be," Rigney said.

He said there were strict procedures involved in securing any load lifted by the giant cranes.

This is the second incident at the site in a week. Last Tuesday a panel of glass fell to the street as it was being installed. No one was hurt but glass covered most of a city block.

Rigney said safety is the No. 1 priority on the job for the sake of the public and work crews.

Witness Rick Dufrane is just happy everyone was able to walk away.

"That was a close one. Very close," he said.

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