Sunday, December 28, 2008

New Crane Goes Down

Don't Dump Your New Crane

Note: I received this post as an email. I do not know where this event occurred. But, it does demonstrate the need for assuring that a crane MUST be placed on a firm foundation before beginning any lifting.)

Nine-Day-Old, 250 T Liebherr Crane (never used before) $4 Million Price tag.

Failure of back propping beneath the 200mm thick concrete deck.
Crane support outrigger punches through slab causing crane to lose balance and collapse across the site and onto adjoining property.
Crane balanced in the air for approximately 1 hour before the entire rig and boom collapse completely across site and rig falls through to the basement level.

Amazing that no-one was seriously injured or killed.


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GRANT said...

That was at Castle Hill NSW
Castle Towers shopping complex