Sunday, May 11, 2008

Our Canadian Friends are using Horse Sense, Too!

The item below that was posted in VOCM News. It seems like the Newfoundland Construction Safety Association is doing its job in promoting on the job safety awareness. This is just another story of success by companies using Horse Sense in carrying out safety awareness on construction jobs in their particular work projects.

I receive news items from many areas of the world showing that Safety on the Job is not just a great effort in the United States, but worldwide.

Industry Accidents Are Down

May 6, 2008

This is Occupational Health and Safety Week and the Construction Safety Association is delighted with the progress being made in cutting down on accidents in the industry. Jackie Manuel with the Newfoundland Labrador Construction Safety Association estimates that over the last five years, almost one thousand injuries have been prevented in their industry alone. Manuel says its great to see progress being made but there is still room for improvement. Meanwhile Weatherford in Paradise will hold a Health and Safety event on Thursday involving its employees, customers and industry member. Weatherford’s new manager in Newfoundland Aaron Dauphine, says it's a great opportunity to show its commitment to Occupational Health and Safety.
Weatherford has 25 employees in the province, and operate in more then 100 countries around the world for the off-shore oil industry with leading edge technology for drilling and other work.

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