Sunday, September 14, 2008

Four More Killed In A Ditch

Another Report of a Collapsed Ditch
In the article below, from Action Three News, an incident in Verdet, NE, it is announced that four more workers were killed in an unprotected ditch. It seems as one of the workers was pinned by dirt caving in on him while in the trench, then three more jumped in to save the first one and they all perished.

Well, if OSHA holds true to many other fatalities, especially in trench collapsed the company will only be fined $12,000 for all four fatalities.

The only way to stop these trench wall collapsing is to make the fines of a sufficient amount to "Get the Contractor's Attention." As in a similar incident in Mississippi, there were three workers killed and they only received a $12,000 fine.

Other than their insurance rates going up, there is a mere "pat on the hand" of these contractors, not even a "slap on the hands!" This totally does not make Horse Sense to give these low, low fines, but it does show Donkey Sense!

Accident Kills Four Construction Workers

Posted: Sep 12, 2008 03:40 PM CDT

Verdel, NE - Knox County officials say four men have died in a highway construction accident outside the town of Verdel. Verdel is near the border of South Dakota, in northeast Nebraska.

Three of the construction workers died trying to save a fourth man who fell into a collapsing trench. The victims were working on the drainage trench on Friday morning when
a part of it collapsed.

Investigators believe 24-year-old Travis Lunn of O'Neill fell into the collapsing trench. The three others tried to rescue him and also became trapped in the dirt.

The other three men who died are 35-year-old David Peterson of O'Neill, 61-year-old Gary Forsch of Spencer and 43-year-old Brad Kelly of Lynch.

The collapse was reported around 9:15 on Friday morning along state Highway 12 near Verdel.

An investigator with the Occupational Safety and Health Administatation is on the scene, trying to find out what went wrong.

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