Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Log Truck Incident

Be Aware of your Sourroundings

The photos posted here of an incident that shows the need for Horse Sense in the logging industry as well as any construction project.

The driver was attempting to bind his load down for safe transport when he overpowered his toss of the binding chain over his load of logs.

When he was attempting to throw the chain over the logs the chain's hook attached itself to the 7.2 kv primary electric distribution line. He said that his tires began to "fry" within seconds. He could have easily been fried himself.

There were several unsafe issues where this driver should have used Horse Sense that would have prevented the possible danger of his fatality as well as saving his truck and load.

One was to be aware of the dangers in the immediate area of unsafe conditions or perils. The driver should have moved his rig to an area away from overhead power lines before securing his load.

Another was that the driver could have been electrocuted had he been in contact with the other end of the chain after it made contact with the power line.

This incident simply shows the need to be aware of your souroundings before performing work operations on your jobsite

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