Saturday, January 31, 2009

Another Useless Fatality

Safety Stupidity Blamed on Bush!

The article below from The Ledger in Lakeland, Suzie Schottelkotte reports that a worker was killed when the bucket of a back hoe pinned a big concrete box crushed him.

The VERY apparent cause of this useless death was called, "A Pure Accident" by Auburndale police. The REAL incident could have and probably NOT happened if the machine operator had stayed in the cab, at the controls of the machine. Leaving the controls of ANY construction equipment with the engine running is contrary to ALL Safety Regulations as well as is just plain Donkey Sense to do such a thing.

Also, this situation could have been prevented if a piece of lifting equipment, such as a crane with proper rigging was used.

In the comment below the article, was correct in stating that no one is ever to leave the cab of a piece of equipment, but how in Heaven's name could BUSH have had anything to do with this stupid incident? No Horse Sense is made in this part of his/her comment.

city of auburndale project

Worker at Construction Site Dies

Man is killed when he's pinned by machine's bucket.

Published: Thursday, January 29, 2009 at 8:20 p.m.
Last Modified: Thursday, January 29, 2009 at 8:20 p.m.

AUBURNDALE | A 42-year-old Auburndale construction worker died Thursday at the city's wastewater treatment plant when he was pinned between a concrete wastewater junction box and the bucket of a trackhoe.

Mark Ingram was assisting co-workers in preparations to lower the hollow junction box into the ground about 8:30 a.m. when the trackhoe shifted, crushing him against the concrete box.

Ingram, who was working for Indian River Industrial Contractors, died at the scene, said Auburndale police Lt. Thrasey Tucker. "This was purely an accident," he said. "From a law-enforcement perspective, there is no foul play, nothing of a criminal nature."

Tucker said crews were using a trackhoe, which is similar to a backhoe but with tank-like tracks instead of tires, to lower the junction box into the ground. The box was at ground level next to the hole. A co-worker left the cab of the trackhoe to help Ingram, who was hooking cables connecting the junction box to the trackhoe.

"The trackhoe kept moving," Tucker said, "and the bucket pinned (Ingram,) crushing him."

Investigators with the federal Occupation Safety and Health Administration initiated an independent investigation Thursday to see if the company violated any safety standards. Tucker said no city employees were involved in the construction project at the plant at 890 Braddock Road.

The city is doubling the capacity of its wastewater treatment plant from 2 million gallons per day to 4 million gallons.

[ Suzie Schottelkotte can be reached at or 863-533-9070. ]

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treowe says...
January 30, 2009 9:51:01 am

RE: Link

My deepest sorrow and condolences to his family
it grieves me much to see such as this happen to people when 90% of the time it is preventable,
Auburndale police lt.Thrasey Tucker said This was purely an accident"From a law-enforcement perspective, there is no foul play, nothing of a criminal nature."

with all due respect to lt. Tucker, I'm sure he means well,
(There is no such thing as an accident,) any incident is always caused by someone, negligence,not thinking, distraction, ECT, Lack of training mostly because the George W, Bush adminstration Gutted osha, imsha and all other beneficial programs designed to protect working people in favor of the Induatries making more profit by not having saftey programs to administer,
I know because I was working in heavy industry, We were having saftey meetings daily, Had people assigned to saftey patrols and inspections, They attended saftey classes weekly,
Not long after the 2000 elections we went to 0, On saftey,
In case someone wants to know about lighting strikes and such, That comes under the heading of ACT OF GOD,
An operator should never under any circumstance dismount A machine and leave it running, anything that can happen--- WILL Murphys law. If the current osha finds anything it will suprise me.

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