Thursday, February 19, 2009

Stupid Workers ?!?!?!

Fire Stupid Workers?

In the following article from Bill Sims Company, they take a look at how to control Stupid Workers who take it upon themselves to perform some of the most Stupid acts of Unsafe, Donkey Way practices that an observer does not have enough imagination to dream up some of these acts.

Bill Sim's partner "Zion Safety Consultants" produce Behavior Change Now, Behavior-Based Recognition Insights, Ideas, and Best Practices a free publication that addresses safety actions on jobsites.

In talking with Bill, I immediately knew that he is concerned about helping to make jobsites a safer place to work and to try to eliminate as many "STUPID, duh, I am in the world and on a jobsite today practicing unsafe acts" type work attitudes.

Bill and Zion seem to be the place to go for a free subscription to Behavior Change Now free newsletters that address unsafe acts and ways to prevent them.

I'm sure that many of you readers have seen the "Stupid Workers" picture in this article.

Please observe the theory that I have used in Safety for many years, and Bill and Zion continue to do, "Use Horse Sense in all your jobsite work practices."

From The Bill Sims Company
February 2009


Can We Fire Our Stupid Workers?
Sims Partner Profile: Zion Consulting

Can We Fire Our Stupid Workers?

By Bill Sims Jr.

We are trying to reduce the stupid accidents that occur because employees are in a hurry, or they don't follow the safety standards."

"Every time we have an accident, I get an e-mail from my president asking if we can fire the injured employee. In their book, it's always the employee's fault."

"I have the dumbest employees in the world! One of my guys reached into a conveyor belt without shutting it down, a deliberate violation of our safety rules! He almost got his arm ripped off. Boy was he dumb!"

These are just a handful of the candid comments that a few safety people have made when I chat with them. The last one occurred in an American Society of Safety Engineers (ASSE) meeting where the safety manager lamented people who are so "stupid" that they break obvious safety rules.

I told that safety director that his people aren't dumb. And, while the worker with the mangled arm won't make the mistake again of reaching into the conveyor belt, others will make that mistake before long, with possibly even deadly consequences.

"Why do you say that?" he asked me.

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