Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Another Tower Crane Went Down

The Associated Press article below reports another tower crane has fallen in Miami.

In reading articles and blogs from all over the country, it seems that these reports just use the word "crane" in describing the many fatal TOWER crane fatal incidents across the country. I haven't seen an article in months that pertained to any type MOBILE crane (Crawler, Hydraulic, Fixed boom, etc. ).

It seems that the owners and operators perform more frequent inspections on Mobile cranes than with Tower cranes. Perhaps more frequent and more stringent inspections should be REQUIRED on Tower cranes.

Crane accident in Miami injures 1 worker

MIAMI (AP) — The arm of a mobile construction crane came loose Monday in Miami, injuring at least one worker and leading to the partial evacuation of a nearby hotel as a precaution.

The accident happened shortly before 3 p.m., with the arm swinging into the machine's vertical base, Miami Fire Rescue spokesman Ignatius Carroll said. The crane did not collapse or fall, but a worker who was midway up the 212-foot machine was hospitalized with severe injuries to his right arm.

The man's son, who was also working on the crane, was taken to the hospital as a precaution. Both were wearing harnesses.

This is the second crane accident in Miami this year; one in March at a high-rise condominium left two workers dead and five more hurt. Two similar accidents in New York City — in March and May — killed nine people this year.

Work on putting together the Miami crane began two days ago. It was going to be used to do work on a roof and was still being assembled when the accident happened.

The southern part of the Marriott Hotel, just north of downtown Miami, was evacuated. But by late afternoon, the mobile crane had been secured and restrictions on that side of the hotel were lifted.

Officials of the federal Occupational Safety and Health Administration will investigate, Carroll said. Work on the crane has been suspended.

Gizelle Davis, a general manager for the crane company, Ray Anthony International LLC, said an investigation continues. The company has offices in Florida, Georgia and Pennsylvania, according to information on the side of its truck at the scene.

Associated Press writers Rasha Madkour and Kelli Kennedy contributed to this report.

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Steve said...

Actually, it reports that it was a mobile crane.

Guess you have seen an article now!