Monday, June 16, 2008

Grass Mowing Safety Pays Off

Even Small Tractors can be Dangerous

The following story was posted in the Friday, June 13th issue of the Washington County (AL) News. It was written by Jason Boothe, News Staff Writer.

The Lady in this article definately used Horse Sense when mounting her small tractor with a finishing mower attached. I have seen oh, so many people get on a small farm tractor around the farms as well as tractors on construction job sites that are equipped with Rollover Protection Equipment, and start operating it on sloping areas without fastening their seat belt. This lady wasn't playing "Donkey" when she mounted her tractor, she fastened her seat belt. Horse Sense.

Note: Seat belts should not be on equipment without ROPS equipment.

Personally, when I mount my 45 hp farm tractor, I always fasten my belt even if I'm not going anywhere with sloped surfaces. Tractors running in pastures, etc. that are rough terrain tend to "bounce" and jostle the operators. The seat belt prevents the operator from being jostled out of the seat.

Tibbie Resident Cheats Death
A Tibbie, (AL) resident is lucky to be alive after her Kubota tractor rolled over onto its side with her strapped to the seat.

Charlotte Williams was cutting grass near her home around lunch June 7, when suddenly the tractor she was driving began to turn onto its side.

"I was cutting the large ditch below the house," Williams said. "I was about to make my second trip back around and one of the front wheels of the tractor sunk down in a hole. That's when it started to tip over. I was scared because all I could hear was the blades of the finishing mower turning behind me."

Williams said thte seat belt and the tractor's roll bar probably saved her life.

While Williams was still trapped in the tractor's seat, first responders were called in to help. Members of Tibbie and Epworth Volunteer Fire Departments arrived to help Williams. They managed to free her from the tractor. Jets Ambulance Service transported Willians to a local hospital with minor injuries.

"I was just hanging there," Williams said. "I'm glad I was wearing my seat belt or I might hot be here today. I'm sore an dI have a bruise or two but I'm all right. I would like to thank everyone who helped me."

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