Monday, June 16, 2008

New York Getting Tough

The article below indicates that New York City Council is getting tough on violators of their Safety Rules in their city. This not only includes construction work, but includes Architects and Engineers responsibilities.

I feel that taking the problem by the reins, New York is beginning to use Horse Sense in combating so many Donkey ways that people are getting injured and killed in construction incidents in their City.

New York: Bill for construction sites safety

2008-06-14 15:25:50 (GMT) ( - News) New York City, New York

CNN reported that City Council passed a general bill on Thursday which requires the worried Buildings Department for reporting disciplinary actions taken against the professional architects and engineers which may take away their licenses from them. In that 47-0 election, the city council also issued a bill which requires the department for posting an online update every month relating to injuries and death related to construction on its website. Both the bills require the Mayor Michael Bloomberg to sign them. While the first bill will come into immediate effect as soon as the Mayor signs it, the second one will be applied after 90 days of signature.

On May 30, a crane collapsed which killed 2 construction workers at the Upper East Side and on March 15, a crane toppled on the midtown street killing 7. The officials have reported that the number of people died in construction was 12 in 2007 and 16 people have already died in 2008 and now it is just half of the year gone.

The bills passed will be improving the reporting and public information and will cracking down on people who act wrongly and misuse their licenses. According to the first bill, the department will be required to send notice within 10 days to that state and also to report the actions taken against architects and engineers during the past 5 years. These reports will be mailed to the Education Department which may even strip them of their license.

The councilwoman, Brooklyn Democrat and sponsor of the bill, Letitia James, said that this piece is designed for addressing safety. The web posting for construction injuries and death will include location of incident, name of developers, any other violations and specific details. Councilman and Brooklyn Democrat, Erik Martin Dialn, who is also chairing the Buildings and Housings Sub-committee and is a bill sponsor says that this bill will help in limiting the accidents at construction sites.

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