Monday, June 23, 2008

Does OSHA Need to Step Up to Protect Construction Workers?

Joel Shufro, of the New York Daily News, offers this view about the need for more direct OSHA intervention in construction safety issues. It's worth taking a look.

My Comments;

Regarding OSHA's slot enforcement of regs on ALL construction projects, it is totally impossible to cover them all. This is the primary reason that the Labor Department has encouraged states and large cities to organize State and Local OSH Agencies to help cover this huge task.

I do agree that OSHA Regs should not take an eternity to bring standards up to date as with the 1971 crane regulations. Also, as I have noted in other posts, I feel that the Monetary penalties should be increased when it is very apparent that incidents are caused by Willful reasons.

The blaming of the Bush Administration is TOTALLY unfounded. You have to realize that it is NOT THE PRESIDENT, but the CONGRESS that makes the laws and governs them whether it is Republican, Democrat or Independent prominent groups. The President can only urge the Congress to make changes, enact certain laws, etc.
To blame any "Administration" for these type rules and laws, you can go back to every Administration since prior to the 1970 OSHAct and not to BLAME these Presidents, but praise them with all the GOOD things that they have encouraged the Congress to enact.

The remarks about Union/non-union has some merit. However, in some areas of the country the Unions have fallen down on their training of skilled workers in safe work practices as well as craftsmen to fill jobs. But, it is very true that non-union workers are only trained to follow safe work practices in accordance with OSHA regs that SPECIFICALLY require and that owners require on their job specifications.

I'd like to know YOUR thoughts on this post.

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